Fashion Friday: February 1st, 2013

For the first Fashion Friday of February (hey, look, alliteration! Man, I love February!) I am challenging myself to living out the inspirations. Sometimes I find myself searching for inspiration from other that I forget how I can inspire myself. For this FF, and all of February, I'm going to challenge myself and maybe you (if you're up for it), to stop, breath, relax and find some inspiration within.

Oh and you really thought I'd get through a Fashion Friday without an image or two? C'mon now.

"Style is forever. "
Others don't have to know your style, you do. 

Gotta love a little Shakespeare humor!

I need this shirt.

Stunning back!

Paisley Loafers! Too bad they don't work with snow!

Wonder Women in the winter?


I hope you took 3 minutes to watch the Kid President Pep Talk!  

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