Procrastination Kills

Today, procrastination kills. My procrastination, I find, is always displaced avoidance of my list of tasks (ie writing my thesis, reading my five chapters of homework, tightening up the resume, etc). In my avoidance, I found an article, well, it is actually a transcript of a speech, that could not be ignored. The first people (besides my Twitter followers) that I needed to share it with was you, my readers. I hope you find it as thought-rattling as I did. Don't work. Be hated. Love someone.

This quote goes quite well with the article, in my opinion.

Another article I read I found quite clever and an interesting way to define identity: Font And You: The Style Memoir.

And, because I love the HBO series "Girls (Lena Dunham knows my life..) and "Mean Girls" and I'm a 20-something I LOL'd at this. (Yeeaaah, I just said LOL. Shame). What It's Like to Be A 20-Something

Thank you for reading and participating in the act of Procrastination. Now, go do whatever it is you need to do! I might be sharing a Fashion obsession soon, so be on the lookout.

Yours x

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