Thanks-piration: Gala Darling's Self Love Project

I just want to say thank you all very much for reading this. It truly means a lot to me that you've even clicked on the link. It's incredible to think that I've got 1000+ views on The Hemline. A-MAZ-ING! No combination of the 26 letters in the alphabet can express just how it makes me feel when you all read my posts, discuss my posts, or, my personal favorite, tell me that you enjoy them. So thank you!

Now, back to business!!

When I embarked on this endeavor I completed some research....read: I read other blogs, whether fashion related or not. Yeah, it was really tough for me (ahem, sarcasm). I thought about what I'd want to read, what would help me with clothes, outfits, and most important, finding a reason to love clothes and myself. (Obviously, I already loved clothes and fashion but hey, we all need some help, yeah?). One of the biggest influences on my decision to start a blog, and Fashion Fridays, was from a well-known blogger, Gala Darling.

I've recently become completely obsessed with TED talks. TED talks tagline "Ideas worth spreading" is exactly that. They are free talks from anything to how to use one paper towel to asking the question of What Moves You?. In exploring both Gala Darling and TED talks, my two inspirational vehicles collided.

Here's Gala Darling's TED talk on her Radical Self Love project. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I have.

Yours xx

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