Fashion Friday: January 25, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! We've survived another week together, despite freezing temperatures! It's all about celebration this week, because I've decided that what is life without celebration! I hope your inspired by this in some way or another. 

Happy Friday!!!

Maybe, you can be a lady while breaking the rules? That, to me, is even more daunting of a task. Or is the lady-like thing to not break the rules? You decide.

E-cards: getting me through tough days like a BOSS.

Whether you admit it or not...  
Colors, patterns, a puppy! A sorts of goodies in this one! 
In celebrating every day, I would break it!

Go out and do it! Whatever it is!
I'm obsessed with this jacket. 


The Four Agreements. 

<3 I LOL'd at this one.
Well, I'm off to read magazines, and drink coffee! Yours x

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