Fashion Friday: January 11, 2013

Fashion Friday

Each Friday I will share pictures or quotes as an assortment of an inspirational expression of my week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And don't forget to share a bit of what inspired you throughout the week with me!

I mean, it really is.

How care free does this look?

Miranda Kerr. I love this look. I'm going to try to recreate it the best I can!

Just pack a bag and go!

Reese rockin' the all black. 

You really can't have an inspirational board without Posh. 

Don't forget.

My Unicorn Ring. A reminder to not overlook the magic and uniqueness in the world and in myself.

I'm a writer. I never outgrew my imaginary friends. They just became characters in my stories.

Relaxed plaid. 

My life, sometimes.

Jump for joy, with or without confetti.

More bikes. Apparently, I'm inspired by bikes this week. 

Hope you enjoyed! Yours x

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