Oh Mondays

So, here's the deal. It's cold here people! For the past two days it has been freezing, and snowing and schools have been closing but uh, not COLLEGE! There are rarely college snow days so get your butts to class and stop-a-whining. But, oh man is it cold!

Okay, now the reason for today. Mondays. Most times when someone talks about their mondays, they say its the worst day of the week and it's awful. "I feel sluggish and lazy. I don't want to go into work. I don't want to go to school." Well guess what? Since my no-whining pact, which I may have just broken up there by whining about people whining about the weather, I have loved every single one of my mondays. Wanna take a guess as to why?


I'm obsessed. My life stops starting at 8 PM on monday nights. I say 8 because we, we as in my mom and I, let it record on our handy-dandy DVR for an hour so we don't have to watch the commericals. We don't have time for those! C'mon!

I love everything about this show. The drama, the love, the romance, the cheese-ball one-liners about that special connection, and of course, Chris Harrison! The drama is well, dramatic. Seriously, I'm not exactly sure if it's because of all the alcohol that these women consume on a daily, episodic, basis but shesh, it's awesome! The tears, the laughter, and these hilarious behind the scenes random moments after the Rose Ceremony(This weeks what Ashley trying to stuff a gigantic teddy bear into her suitcase!!) pretty much make my day.

Nothing is better that the 'connection.' Honestly, I'm not really under the influence that this is a perfectly respectable way to find that one true love. But in today's world one must ask, Why not!! It's like match.com but everyone gets to see your matches and see you interact with them. And yes, of course, I would l-o-v-e love to have 25 gorgeous men chasing after my love. Why not!! And name one women who wouldn't!?

The Bachelor makes my mondays amazing. I can't wait to see the next over-the-top totally unrealistic date Brad takes these ladies on next and who's going to cry and make out and laugh and honestly, truly, and whole-heartedly fall in love.

My picks: (Because I know you are all dying to know!)
-Chantal O.

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