On my honor...

"On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country; to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout Law."

At the lovely young age of 10 I had a brilliant realization: JOIN GIRL SCOUTS. I loved it. It was fun and all my friends did it. We went on a really awesome trip to Desmet, SD and hung out with Laura Ingells Wilder for the day. I sold like, a bagillion cookies all with their own little thank you notes. I even bridged! Check it! Went from Brownie to a Junior after just like...2 weeks. Man, I was impression. Yet, devestation hit. My troup ended up breaking up and I stopped being a Girl Scout. Well....not entirely.

My freshman year of college I was the Girl Scout. And not like those slutty sad costumes. I as an acutal Girl Scout. Cargos, tennis shoes, brown shirt and last, but not least, my actual sash from my Junior bridge. Oh yeah baby. Costume of the year to me! Not only did I look like a Girl Scout....I even had some cookies.

I know what your thinking: "Halloween blog? Really? It's February." Nope? Okay, what about: "Poppie...I don't care what you were for Halloween two years ago......" Okay, okay. The Minnesota Girl Scouts recently made some headlines in their refusal to sell those Thin Mints because their camp is up for sale.

Get it gurls!

As the story from the Star Tribune reported on February 4th: it says "it's not an organized push." No ones certain how many will actually boycott but those girls have been taught to stick up for themselves and that's what they are doing.

Even though the numbers for Girl Scouts is in decline and they aren't selling those delicious cookies door-to-door anymore, camps aren't those all summer long shindgs likes those pre-teen movies anymore. And, honestly, those girls probably aren't going to boycott at all. But it seems like those few girls who do are standing up for something that they believe in. Isn't that the whole point of Girl Scouts?

Sidenote: I finished "I am Number Four" last night. Really good; Highly recommended.



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