One Game a Year

There is one professional football game a year that I watch the entire thing. Yurp, you guessed it: Superbowl. AT four o'clock sharp, I curl up with a blanket and watch the pregame. I'm getting myself prepared for the best 4 hours of advertising ever! Superbowl commericals are, perhaps, my favorite in the entire world.

All right, let's talk logistics. A 30-second spot cost $3 million. So on this page alone, there is $24 million dollars in advertising. And money well spent.

Here are my favorites:

Doritos took home the prize for best all around ads. They kicked everyone's butt...I mean, c'mon how cute was that little pug?! See....

MMMM, cheese. Hello Doritos. (Laughing out loud, rolling on the floor, HILARIOUS DORITOS. HILARIOUS!
So probably my personal favorite entirely on cutest factor has to go to the Volkswagon Vadar. So cute!!!
And then those Eminem commericals. I think he's amazing so this probably shouldn't come as a huge shock that I loved the commercials. The best one of his two is the Imported from Detroit. It gave me chills and I might have teared up slightly. No biggie. :)

Until next year...

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