Apologizes, Excuses .... Stumble.

I'm not going to bore you with my lame excuse for taking over a week to post again. I know, I know, completely unacceptable. But in search of your undying forgiveness I am going to save your life....STUMBLE UPON!

This is pure genius. It's brillant. I have found so many amazing things just 'stumbling' for like 35 minutes. I didn'twant to stop doing it. New addictions for $200?

These are just a few gems I've encountered.

Hand Dancing
Brillant right? Don't be suprised if you see some girl in your English class randomly moving her hands to the music in her head. Definitely ask to join in...

Always I've found some gem advice for the crazy ladies in my life. Example: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/5fQqbw/www.elle.com/Life-Love/Ask-E.-Jean/Ask-E.-Jean-25-Things-Every-Woman-Should-Know/Ask-E.-Jean-25-Things-Every-Woman-Should-Know
             -Number 15 especially improtant in my life right now...but in general, all sooo good and sooo important. Take notes girls...and boys.

            -Every. Single. One. Of. These. Are. True.

Oh, oh, and I'm now finding friends that blog. Excited face!
Peace, Love and PopCulture.

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  1. I love stumble upon...isn't it great? I could (or more realistically, have) spent hours on it!



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