"Don't you ever interrupt me when I'm reading a book!"

Let's just start out with a youtube video today:

Hilarious am I right?! Well, I guess it's probably only funny to those of us in the population who have been interrupted when reading a book and get really REALLY angry! Not that I would be one of those people...

So if you didn't know, I'm an avid reader. And when I mean avid I mean I finish probably 2 books a week. I read all the time, when I not doing my homework, studying, or working. Oh reading! Now, I wasn't one of those freaks, aka my brother, who could read at the age of 4 and identify the flag of every state at the age of 6. Nah, I was a 'normal' kid and learned in first and second grade like the rest of the 'normal' people. But once I got the hang of it, I really couldn't stop reading.

Now, I read a lot, yes. But I don't really have a particular taste when it comes to books. Honestly, if it has a back cover, a front cover and some pages with text written on it in between those 2 covers chances are I will probably like it: Novels about love, novels about mythical times, novels about actual people aka biographies, historical texts. I'm not joking here people.

When it comes to those book to movie arguments about 90% of the time I will side with the novel. I love movies but they are a nice accesory to an already perfect outfit. It's like throwing on the pearls with the ring for an fabulous little black dress. It enhances the experience but only when done correctly. All time least favorite book to movie: My Sister's Keeper. But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Speaking of books to movies, there are a couple of them coming out in the next couple of months that I need to read the novels. I recently finished Beastly by Alex Flinn. It's a modern day Beauty and the Beast tale, entirely told from the Beast's perspective. I enjoyed it. Can't wait for the film. My next reads: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and quite honestly, I'm hooked. I can't put it down and I will probably finish it in oh...about a day. And finally, second on my rather tall stack of books to read, Red Riding Hood. Yes, I know the tale but of course the movie is coming out starring Amanda Seyfried and directed by Catherine Hardwicke whom, if you didn't know, directed the first Twilight. Oh February and March are going to be great months. Can't wait!


  1. I loved Beastly and can't wait to see the movie. I'm with ya though on the book to movie thing-- will probably be disappointed in the moive, ha. How was I Am Number Four? Should I read it before I see the movie? And Red Riding Hood?!

  2. I really liked the book "I am Number Four." The movie was also excellent. They changed a couple of things but it was still really good. And "Red Riding Hood" is like a PG-13 version of the old tale. Also worth reading. I have them both if you would like to borrow them. Stevie is reading "I am Number Four" but "Red Riding Hood" is just sitting nicely on my bookshelf. :)



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