The Seasonal Kool-Aid

It is that time of year. The year where I will be throwing on a sweater, draping my neck in a scarf and I no longer ask for iced things at my coffee shop of choice. Today is the first day of FALL!

In the time of pumpkin spiced things (they've got Pumpkin flavored M&Ms now!), I am one happy camper. I'm more likely to spend my time outside in the fall than in the summer. When I read this article by Alexandra Petri I laughed out loud. She describes the pumpkin spice latte absolutely perfectly -- "The pumpkin spice latte tastes like the man of your dreams coming up to you on the sidewalk and saying he thinks the Oxford comma should be standard."

You need to read this article: In praise/defense/what have you of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

You could say I've been drinking the Kool Aid but, hey, I'm excited about chilly nights, foggy mornings, sweater weather, colored leaves, rainy days, bonfires, and halloween. 

Yours xx

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