My Moments of Christmas Magic

I was 18 and decided that I needed to have a Christmas tradition of my own. On Christmas Eve, I logged onto Netflix and decided that, each year, I would watch "The Polar Express" as it was one of my favorite holiday books as a kid.

"The bell still rings for those who truly Believe."


I believe  in Santa Clause.  I should rephrase by saying that I don't believe that Santa comes down ever chimney in the world and delivers presents - but, I do believe in the magic and mystery of Christmas and that the man in the red suit represents all that magic.

My Moments of Christmas Magic:
-spending 2-3 days with my family
-driving up to my garage and seeing the Christmas tree in the big front living room window
-shopping and wrapping up the perfect gifts for family and friends to show them how much you care #holidayelf
-attending Christmas Eve mass where the children's choir re-enacts the nativity scene and sings the same songs I sang 13 years ago
-making and decorating Christmas cookies
-driving around with hot cocoa and looking at Christmas lights, especially this year *giggle giggle*
-Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house with all our Zerr family gathered together laughing, eating, and enjoying each other
-watching the Polar Express :)

I believe there is magic in Christmas time - and I believe in Santa Clause, and my hope is that the magic of Christmas finds you and yours this holiday season.

Yours xx

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