OOTD: Getting my Indiana Jones On

My best friend and her husband (whoa, that was a weird to type...) visited my lovely city several weekends ago. We had a blast shopping, exploring the city, and just being around each other. I forget just how awesome these people are and then I spend about 30 minutes with them and yep, my friends rock.

I did some outfit pictures and purchased a little something that I have completely fallen in love with...a hat. Yeah, I bought a hat; more specifically, I bought a burgundy wide brimmed hat. I looked a little like Indian Jones and Carmen San Diego but, nope, don't care.

I bought it AFTER I thought my outfit was completed. Granted, I liked my outfit without the hat, but I couldn't resist.

I hope you all are enjoying September as much as I am.

The boots are from Target. I purchased them last year after falling in love with $500 Ash boots. Yeah, this is a close as I am going to get to those for quite sometime. Also, I made a cheeky little jewelry purchase... Alex and Anil Phoenix Wrap in gold. It has a bit of meaning behind it...maybe I will share in a later post. My trusty Old Navy Rockstar jeans in black, a dark green tee shirt, and statement necklace that reminded me a lot of a darker opal.
I tried parting my hair different (read: butt part). Can't decide if I like it or not, let me know what ya think, ay?
Bestie's Hubby was doing a bit of playing with my camera while we were in the coffee drive-thru.

Aren't they cauuuute!?

We spent majority of the day laughing!


Yours xx

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