January POPSugar Box Un-Boxing

Each month, like clockwork, my POPSugar Must Have box comes full of treats for me! Yes, all must haves for me. So let's just get started...

Up first is Pipcorn, an all natural whole grain popcorn. The packaging is incredibly appealing like a middle school lunch sack. The back of the bag shares the origin of the company with the brother and sister traveling across the country to spread the love of their mini popcorn. Okay, now I've gotta try it... Well, it is truffle flavored so it has that going for it. Pretty good but, yep, tastes like popcorn.


Malin + Goetz detox face is a five-minute foaming mask. Like foaming soap, it makes that snap-crackle-pop sound on my face. It also feels like it could possible slip off my face like a slushy mask. It starts to seep, yeah, seep, into my face. In a good way, I'm really enjoying it. I definitely feel the hydration filling into my skin. The bottle describes it as oxygenation and optimal hydration... so my skin feels awesome because of these scientific descriptions. I approve.
This box of patterned nails files are going to look really cute in the handbag! I'm tossing out those ratty nude ones immediately and replacing them with these gorgeous black and lace print Revlon files!
This gift I am especially excited to get!! Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk calendar where each month is a different city. I cant decide if I want to keep it at work with me or in my apartment... decision, decisions. Here's January:

 I got a book!! A book all about Juicing! I never got into juicing but now, hmm, it is a gorgeous book. It could be an interesting reading. At least the pictures are pretty...
These media gloves from Jack + Lucy are going to be perfect for our current blizzard weather. I shall wear them tonight when I venture outside into the snow.  
As you can tell, I love my POPSugar box! Cant wait for next month! Hope you all are having a great weekend!!
Yours xx

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