Book Haul & Books-To-Read

As previously posted I spent some time at Barnes and Noble last week and I've added to my Books To Be Read stack. I thought you guys might be curious what my reading plans consist of for 2014. Remember that resolution?? Well, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

Some of these books are brand new and some have been on my shelf for years. I'll do my best to review each book as I finish them. My first review will be on the Divergent series. I finished the first one in a matter of hours soooo, that'll be coming up pretty soon.

I picked these books from stellar recommendations as well as some of my favorite as authors. Plus, I really do believe that a book truly finds the reader.

Well, here's the books: (Oh, and my book ends are from JCPenney that I scored for $15 with coupons and sale. They are apples and the inside of each book end is the core. Super cute!!)



Like I said, I have tons to keep me busy. Hope you guys enjoyed my book haul!! What are you reading or looking forward to reading this year??
Yours xx

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