2013 Reflections & 2014 Resolutions

Well, it has been 2014 for 16 days now and I finally have a planner (and not just any planner... the Rolls Royce of planners. I will review it soon) so I can officially celebrate the new year. 2013 was a whirlwind of a year for me. College graduation, moving to a new city on my own, my first 'real' job and so much newness that life became a bit too much at several points leading to intense breakdowns that needed multiple Kleenex boxes.

Ya know how people make those silly resolutions?? I'm going to be the cliché thing where I don't call them resolutions but goals...

There are pretty simple and standard but I think that sharing them with you will make me more accountable to these goals.

I'd like to spend more time writing and reading. I mean, I spent four years and oodles of dough on a degree I might as well use it for my pleasure. I enjoy writing and reading and for some reason, I don't prioritize it in my daily life. I'd like to spend, at least 45 minutes a day either reading or writing. I mean reading an actual book... bound with a beautiful cover, that book smell, and characters that just trap you in and all time seems to float away... See? I miss it!!

I really need to spend more time exercising. Some sort of activity to keep the dementors away. Maybe I'll join a gym... Ha-ha, maybe not. I live about 20 feet from a well stocked workout room so I should just use that, huh?

I am also going to be saving more than I am spending. Yes, I'm talking money. I don't believe this needs any sort of explanation on that one.

Like every other 22 year old in the world, I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I came to the realization a couple weeks ago that it is completely okay to NOT have any idea what I want to do. However, creating a sense of direction for myself is going to be a goal for 2014.

That's all everyone. Oh and hi, I've miss you all. Thanks for understanding me taking a break from the blog but I'M BAAaaaCk!!
Yours xx

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