THIS...is American Idol!

Season 10. No Simon Cowell. A funny Ryan Seacrest. And some amazing talent. Best season yet?

I have been a loyal fan of the American Idol franchise since at the young aspiring age of 10 they began airing the series. I was so adorable! I wrote down the number for Kelly Clarkson each week and begged my mom to allow me to call, of course, she said no. But, that did not stop my love for the show. Now, they have had a couple rocky season...Taylor Hicks anyone!? Soul Patrol? I don't think so.

Some of my favorite artists on my Ipod have come from American Idol. The first song I ever listened to in my car was by Katherine McPhee! Carrie Underwood has been inducted in the Grand Ole' Opry and she is also one of my favorites. Adam Lambert...'Nough said. And this season is no different.

They have one of the best seasons ever. I think each one of the top 13 are amazing. They are all super talented and unique. My personal favorites: Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald. They are both brillant! Each week I sit upon the couch with my family anticipating what they are going to do next. And, of course, we judge. And usually we are right.
American Idol Season 10 Top 13

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