Music = Life = Music

Recently, I decided to mooch off of a friend's iTunes and steal majority of his music including but not limited to 365 Beatles songs, every single Lady Gaga song ever and the acoustic Justin Bieber album. Don't knock the Biebs...I made that error with the Snuggie and I won't knock something without trying it first. And now I'm getting off topic....

Now, I'm not one of those people who uses other people for their music. He's a good friend so stop accusing. The point of my lovely tale is the diversity that music brings to our lives and how some songs make you think of certain situations or people or instances you missed or anything really. The first time I hear a song I never really forget it. Like when I got into my very own car for the first time and Katherine McPhee's "Over It" came on and now when I hear it I think about that moment. Or how a song can make you think of someone such as Rascal Flatts' "Bless the Broken Road." Or maybe how when "Bohemian Rhapsody" makes me think of afternoons riding my bike singing it at the top of my lungs with friends. (Yes, I have friends.)

Music is powerful. It can alter your mood. I can cry at a song, and be completely happy the next song. It changes the way I feel about someone when I know their tastes in music. Music helps to make connections and of course, break them. I love music and it will always be a part of me.

And, so is music taste. I have an ADD iPod named "Titanic" (Get it? The Titanic is syncing?...Ya, I'm hilarious.) I have tastes in variety of Mumford and Sons to Nicki Minaj to Spice Girls. I have both acoustic versions and club remixes. I have rap, R&B, pop, alternative, musicial theater, and everything in between. I mean, I have Eminem and Glee in the same playlist! Okay, now that's just nuts. And I know everysinglesong in my iTunes. The only area in which my iPod lacks would have to be in the area of country music. I struggle with liking that genre, and I'm talking deep-hardcore-county like sundays-at-church-with-my-dog-waiting-in-my-Chevy kind of country. My extensive Taylor Swift collection does not count!

Some songs you just never forget. I will always stand up for NSYNC in a Battle of the 90's Boy Bands arguments. And Britney Spears was better in the 90's than X-Tina (she danced! shesh!). I still know all the words to Mmmbop and can rap most Eminem songs word for word.

Now, music is life. And life imitates music. So I guess, my life (and pop culture) is music.

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