Career Choices

Today's discussion is all about the future. Your furture is the factor by you which you will be judged from your junior year of high school until you graduate from college and go into the 'real' world. At the age of 18 you must declare a major. Decisions that you make as a 18 year old acne kid will dictate your 40 year old selfs happiness so PICK RIGHT! AH! The pressure!

Well, luckily for me, I've always enjoyed english and history. Teaching just seemed like a perfect fit for me. Unitl...now. Budget cuts, too much work, and other varying factors have been leading me into the realitive unkonwn. And honestly, it can be exciting. Teaching is still an option and a major passion of mine. Now, the decision I made several years ago will not change. No major 'major' change happening for this girl...

-Law --> the more history I learn the more I want to become a lawyer. Even today I was thinking, I should be a legal analyist. Sounds interesting right? Also I've thought of a court mediator. Ya know, working with kids in court cases, looking out for their best interests. Or even, my personal favorite, law librarian!
-Editor/Publisher --> You knew as a book nerd that this would be an option for me. Now, I'm seeing it..The Next Great American Novel discovered by ME! I like that...
-Event Planner --> Being surrounded by this in campus organizations sounds more and more appealing to me, and I think I would be good at it.
-Movie Rator --> I love movies. So why not rate them? Also sounds amazing.
-Library --> Yes, library. And yes, they have school for that. I know, I'm not the stereotypical librarian...well people, deal! It sounds amazing to me. Being surrounded by books, magazines, knowledge, readings and research all dang day: AWESOME!

Now, I know, this is just one of those blogs about me and my choices. But honestly, I'm trying to help all ya'll a little bit lost in this tough job market see the versitility that you might have in the job market. Keep your chins up. Keep sending out those resumes. Stay in school. And last piece of advice, Listen to your Mothers!

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