Divergent Series Review

"One choice can transform you."

"Divergent" series has so much hype and rightfully so. I had read the first book right when it was released (I was working at a locally owned bookshop at the time.) and I had forgotten how fabulous it was until a trip to Barnes and Noble. The store had so much paraphernalia about this book that I had to read it again.

Annnnd, I read it in 6 hours. Yeah, it was one of those 3 am novels that I had no sleep but it was totally worth it. Oh, did you guys know that you can order books from Barnes and Noble and pick them up in store? You can and I did with the next two in the series. The next day , at store open, walked up to the counter, picked up my books. #convenience

I won't bore you with a summary -- you are big kids, you can look it up. And NO, you cannot just go see the movie... no matter how good it is! (Theo James = babe. Shailene Woodley = brilliant.)

After reading the first one, I was STOKED for the second one. While still action packed, it did leave a bit to be desired towards the middle. Lots of mourning, guilt, and choices before the big war. It got a bit slow and redundant while Four and Trish fight internal battles while maintaining the relationship they have established with each other, their families and society.  But the novel turns on a end that is hyped up, explosive, and leading to the excitement of the final installment of the series.

Y'all. The third book... c'mon. Whoa.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to get into it. I was expecting the battle to continue but the story takes more of a prequel twist. Readers discover that the factions are not alone and are actually an genetic experiment. So, lots of thought and jargon is used. This should in no way turn you off to reading it. It is very good. As final installments do, it really wraps up and connects the series, which I appreciated. And that ending?! I cried. I did. I will admit it; I 'm not ashamed. I did not see it coming. Not at all.

Soo ultimately, with a background in literature and English, it is a struggle, personally, to read anything without "looking deeper" (blame 10 page papers on critical theory...). But even with all the psychoanalysis, Marxist theory, and feminist theory, I enjoyed this series. You may think it is like the new Hunger Games and while it does have very similar themes and motifs, I would say it brings an edge and a bit of spunk to another overdone  YA girl-saves-world series.

I approve. Please read!!

Let me know what you guys think of the Divergent series?? Any reading recommendations?

Yours xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money, pictures were taken with my camera (unless otherwise noted/credited) and all opinions are mine and in no way represent anyone or anything other than me, myself and I. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're beautiful.

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