A little Hump Day treat...

a..if you got the Mean Girls reference, you're my favorite.

Last Saturday I did a daytime pampering. I did my make up and hair all nice and got dressed up in my new tee shirt! Yep, that is a camel riding a bicycle. Yep, it was a gift. I religiously celebrate Hump Day with an weekly Hump Day snap chat. I have also wanted a bicycle shirt since 2011. My best Megan sent it to me for my 23rd birthday and I had to wear it with my black jeans, boots, and brown leather jacket.

I went to the movie "Divergent," which was REALLY good. Hopefully I can get my butt to finish the third book so I can get a review of all the books and the movie! I did some shopping and did a bit at Sephora. Check out my visual haul, which is very skin care based. My friend Meagan was in town and we spent our evening at the Diner with milkshakes. And Sunday I went out to dinner with my Brother. I had a great weekend!

Check out the pictures and I hope you are all having a great week!

My first stop at the mall: Chai Oolong Tea


World's Greatest Candle Combination!

Had dinner with my Brother on Sunday evening - Who doesn't love Bro-Sis bonding time?!

Time to clean da face!
Yours xx

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