Hoppy Easter: Easter Baskets for my Peeps!

Well, it's holiday time again! You all seemed to enjoy my previous post on Valentine's Day so I thought I would assist my dear friend the Easter Bunny spread some holiday cheer. I've put together 3 baskets for my "peeps" with all the Easter fixings -- plastics eggs full of candy, chocolate and well, hand sanitizer. I threw in some {fake} grass making it a bit more spring during our less than green April.

Carrot cardboard buckets: $1.00
Easter eggs in assorted colors: $1.00
Grass: $.50
Lindt Carrots: $2.99
Starburst jellybeans: $1.99 (on sale!)
Robin Eggs: $1.00
Cadbury eggs: $.50 (on sale!)
Peep chapstick: $1.00
Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer: 5/$5.00
Easter Bunny Approved!


I hope you are all having a great Easter week!
Yours x

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money, pictures were taken with my camera (unless otherwise noted/credited) and all opinions are mine and in no way represent anyone or anything other than me, myself and I. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're beautiful.

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