Fashion Friday: My 23rd Year

It has been a long time since I have done a Fashion Friday. Um, like, a year. And today, I settled into my blogger zone and now, it's time for Fashion Friday!

Last week Friday was my 23rd birthday. But, I'm still 10 and watching Disney princess movies in my pajamas and telling my mother that the dress Belle is wearing is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. But, I'm 23 and still doing that, so I guess, things don't ever really change, do they?? We all just get older, our problems still exist and their influence is only a major as a person lets them.... I'm getting off track!

I'm usually not a "Hey look what I got!" type person but I received an absolutely gorgeous Fossil bag and a wallet from my AWESOME SAUCE parents. Plus, I had to treat myself to the simply divine Naked 3 eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. My co-workers celebrated with cake and Starbucks bakery treats. (Yeah, they rock!) Safe to say I was spoiled rotten for my day!

Anyways, I do have a couple OOTD's to share with you from last week. Spring time has arrived here in SD. I know I'm not the only one who is hoping that it stays!!

I got this card in the mail from my parents. I chuckled! Can't go wrong with the road trip tunes to head home.

Cake and Starbucks treats!!

The bestie's met up! We are such party animals! ;)

I firmly believe that a great denim jacket can change a person's life. Mine is from the Gap  (similar)and I l-o-ve it! The standard black jeans from New York and Co with a casual white tee shirt makes for a really easy going outfit great for running some errands around town, which is exactly what I did. The scarf was in my March PopSugar box (Still absolutely in love with that thing!!); it is from Brokedown clothing Co., which specializes in creating unique vintage looking garments.

I wore this outfit to a high school basketball game -- yeah, it's been a while since I had been to one of those. I love the print of this  Billabong cardigan and it totally caught my eye in the shop window (similar)! I paired it with the sea green pocket tee from Target and dark jeans. The boots with the peek-a-boo gold heel are super convertible which is perfect for the much hated bleacher butt.

Or do... :D

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Enjoy the sunshine!

Yours xx

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