Fashion Friday: OOTD

Doing what an average girl would do on a Saturday night after a couple glasses of wine, I spent my time on Pinterest. In my pinning adventure, I found this absolutely adorable photo of this girl and her layered outfit. I scoured Pinterest to find the original pin and couldn't (color me frustrated!). 

I pinned it HERE!
I woke up on Sunday, still inspired, and did my best to create a similar look based on items in my closet. I have a navy and white nautical striped dressed, I put on over leggings. I added my thin oatmeal sweater and my brown boots. I'd say it is pretty damn close to the original but, still very me. But, hey, isn't all that fashion is? Finding inspiration in something and making it work for you.

The sweater is from Old Navy / Couldn't find exact :( / Dress: Hauled here!

Yes, I did take a Selfie in the ornament hanging in one of the stores during my shopping excursion.

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! 
Yours xx

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