Fashion Friday: May 24, 2013... Summer Shorts Sunday

So, maybe, I missed posting on Friday but, I'd never forget to post completely, y'all. 

Each year when summer rolls on I find myself in a predicament. I do not like shorts. They are either way to booty-popping-rap-video short or adventure-time-with-nature-explorer long. Denim shorts, affectionately referred to as jorts, seem to always look terrible on me, too. My least favorite pictures of myself all happen to be taken when I made the unfortunate fashion decision to wear shorts.

Maybe it is just me that feels this way about shorts (I’m pretty positive I’m the minority on this one). I even pick them up in the stores, pair them with amazing tops and shoes feeling very secure about my choices heading into the dressing rooms and slip those suckers on and nope, not happening. Again, you see my predicament??

When I see people looking all cute in their shorts I’m plagued with envy. Why, oh why, on me do they look ridiculous!! There is always that friend, which is why they are friends who is consistently reassuring me that: No, Haley, those shorts look great on you. Girl, don’t lie to me. It is just not my look. Just not me, nope. But, each season provides all of us with a plethora of fashionable choices.

The not-so-distance cousin of the short, The Capri pant, is not a problem for me. I love them. Colored, denim, khaki. I rock them all the time. I even cheat and cuff up my jeans to make Capris. Capri’s are my summer time short. But want to know my favorite summer look?? Dresses.

Summer is dress season!! They are so convenient. After spending 7-8 months layering the long johns, sweater, scarf, wool coat, hat with long johns, leggings, stretched out jeans (to fit over the long johns and leggings), wool socks and winter boots, the ability to throw on one, count it, ONE article of clothing and have an outfit is a godsend.

That’s why for this summer, I will be wearing, and purchasing, dresses on dresses on dresses. Maybe I’ll give the shorts ago one more time... maybe.

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