June Favorites

June quite literally flew by. I know everyone says that but, seriously, I completely forgot about the month of June. So many things have changed throughout the month of June but, the following things have been constant go-to grabs in my month of crazy.

Not You Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
I live no where near a beach. In order to get some sort of texture into my otherwise straight and shiny hair, I need to add a little something. This guy has been a staple in my hair care regime for about a year now, and I finally thought I should probably let you in on my texturizing secret. I spray my hair before blow drying, scrunch it up a bit, and voilĂ ! Done. Oh, it also smells like vanilla.
Bumble and Bumble bb Pret-a-powder
At then end of may, I ran out of my beloved dry shampoo. Instead of picking up another bottle, I wanted to try a little something new. I have been using this on my second day hair to absorb the oils and what not, but also on fresh hair to add a little extra volume. The white powder does disappear once rubbed into the roots, but can get everywhere in application (the only downside).
Still Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
Ah, that coveted flick. This eye liner pen stays and doesn't get that awful eye lid line. I suffer from oily eye lids and eye liner tends to gather in my crease. #frustruationnation I get that coveted flick, all day long, with not trouble at all.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Summer time is here and foundation will just not do. Enter the Tinted Moisturizer. I got this as a sample size and cannot seem to go a day without it. It smooth out my skin tone as well as add a good bit of moisturizer so that my skin doesn't get dry throughout the day.
Essie All in One & Nicole by OPI Drying Drops
I have painted my nails sooooo many times this month -- I get a chip, repaint, chip, repaint, repeat. These two things have saved my dear nails from pain. The all in one is a great base coat and a glossy top coat. The Drying Drops allow that 30 minutes of disabled hands to blow away with the wind. 60 seconds or less after painting and bam, I'm in action.
Yes, that is my toothbrush. That clip on the top there? Brilliant. Protecting my tooth brush from germs, gunk, and all other things that prowl about my bathroom. Just thought I'd say that this deal is an very cool invention and I wish I had invented it.
House of Cards
I know I'm a bit late to this bad wagon but, geeeeeeeze, it is sooooo good. Soooo good. All about political power and flexing the muscles of who is really in control. Frank Underwood, played brilliantly by the creepy, intelligent, Kevin Spacey, is a southern democratic House whip initiates this elaborate plan to get himself into power... (Spoiler Alert: He succeeds.)
Ed Sheeran's "X"
If you haven't heard this whole thing yet, we can't be friends. Stop reading this and DOWNLOAD!
Thanks. :D
Yours xx

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  1. Hailey I didn't know you were a blogger! So cool! Great work!



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