What all started as a New Year’s Resolution has become a way of life. I call myself a blogger, whether you approve or not. I create original content ranging from fashion to travel. I have regular staples of Fashion Fridays and Monthly Favorites of my picks for beauty, music, movies and more. I am fashionably repressed by uniforms and have been since elementary school, welcome to my release. Fashion is a way of life and The Hemline is a representation of that.

     I recently heard an inspiring idea: "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. You can't do away with it." (Heard it here, if you're curious). I want to provide an authentic space where I can share how fashion inspires me, and a space for you to collaborate on those inspirations. The idea is to take something as simple as an image, word, phrase, or thought, whether fashion related or not, and push the boundaries on ideas, values, and individual aesthetics. I want to inspire. This will become a unique space that will represent an expression of who I am, and hopefully, who you, my lovely readers, are.

     I am a South Dakota native, and a very proud graduate of Northern State University (Go Wolves). As a passionate learned I have come to find my niche is people, and sharing what I love. I graduated with a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative and Professional Writing. I am a certified book nerd, social media junkie, slightly (read: majorly) addicted to television, fashion enthusiast, and pop culture obsessed. If you see me, chances are very good that I had a large cup of coffee in my hand. I love to travel and am always up for an adventure. I firmly believe that too many books, movies and television never hurt anyone. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you stick around. We like to have fun around here. This is my life. Won’t you join me in the adventure?

Yours xx

The sketch of me on the top right of the homepage is done by ioanatrsc.


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